G.U.T.S. Gain and Unleash Tactics for Self defense

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Women's Self Defense

Women's Self Defense

GUTS- it takes guts to stand up for yourself. The fear of crime is one of the top issues for Americans, but it especially salient for women – it affects where they go, when they go and who they go with. Did you realize?

  • One in five women is likely to be assaulted in her lifetime
  • A rape happens once every 5 minutes in the U.S.
  • You will know the rapist 75% of the time

The techniques we present are simple, straight-forward, and easy to remember. They are designed and were created to directly address common assault scenarios.

At GUTS we believe that:
1. Every criminal has two fears. Fear of being caught, and fear of being hurt. The course provides ample opportunities for the rapist to face both of these fears.

2. You double your chances of success when you fight back. Studies show that half of all attackers will break off their attack if a person indicates that he or she is willing to resist. Half of attackers. Of course, we need to deal with the other half that continues the attack, but Department of Justice studies show that women who resist are not injured any more than women who do not resist.

Just because our techniques are easy to do, it doesn't mean fighting off an attacker will be easy. In fact, it will probably be the hardest thing you've ever done. But rest assured it is absolutely necessary because in today's environment, you are probably literally fighting for your life.

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Self Defense Classes

GUTS: Self Defense

Learn in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. All students get to perform the techniques using full power against male role players dressed in a protective suit.

The Six Basic Self Defense Principles (GUT Checks)

1. Pay attention to the people around you.

2. Stay with people or go to people

3. Keep a barrier between you and the bad guy.

4. Attract attention.

5. Control his hips and control his hands.

6. Fight like a girl. Don't try to fight a man like a man. Use your strongest weapons against his weakest targets.

Our motto is 'Fight like a Girl'.
Sure, it can be seen as a clever play on words for the Rape Escape program, since most people fall into the semantic trap of thinking that 'fighting like a girl' means being weak, ineffective, or silly.

Our point is to highlight the difference between self-defense courses for men and women. When a man attacks a man, he either wants his money or his life. When a man attacks a woman, he either wants her money, her life, or her body. The nature of the conflict is hugely different.

For us, 'fighting like a girl' means that a woman brings her particular strengths to the conflict while minimizing the strengths of a man. She should not attempt to fight directly into the 'strengths' of the man who is attacking her. That's not silly or inefficient reasoning; it is a smart strategy for any fighter.


  • Women from the age of 12 and up

  • Any fitness level, size and strength

  • Optional live training on an attacker

Training Special For New Members!
Cost: $230
* includes 3 Months Dojo membership and a free uniform

GUTS Women's Self-Defense Course $240.00
- Covers up to 6 participants ($40.00 each additional person).

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